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February 2022 Product Updates: Celebrating Your Fundraising Milestones 

In this article, learn more about GiveGab’s February 2022 product updates -including the launch of our brand-new milestone confetti feature! 

Giving Days  

Giving Days are online fundraising challenges (24 hours or longer) that bring communities and campuses together to raise awareness and funds for different initiatives. 

Celebrating Your Fundraising Milestones 
Computer with party confetti coming out

Celebrating milestones with your supporters in real-time is a big part of the joy and excitement generated during your Giving Day. Whether you have specially activated prizes and matches, planned social media celebrations, or in-person rituals, we want to ensure everyone can celebrate together and that this momentum continues to increase donation traffic. After collaborating with partners, we are excited to introduce the confetti feature to Giving Day sites.  

With GiveGab’s new confetti feature, you can now release branded confetti that falls across your Giving Day landing page and GG Live page! Initiate a confetti drop when you reach donor and dollar milestones, unlock challenges and matching funds, or anytime you want to add extra excitement to your Giving Day. 

This celebratory new feature is sure to spark excitement and encourage donors to join in and give generously! 

The confetti feature is only available to partners with the GG Live premium feature. If you are interested in adding this to your Giving Day, please talk to your Project Manager or your Relationship Manager.  

Increased Video Functionality  

So many Giving Days use video to inspire donors to make gifts and support the causes closest to their hearts. To continue supporting video functionality within the Giving Day platform, we are excited to announce that the video section on your Giving Day landing page now supports iframe embeddable links.  

This enhancement expands platform support from just YouTube and Vimeo to Facebook (including Facebook Live), Twitch, and more! With increased functionality, you can expand your video strategy to entertain more donors during your event and drive donation traffic through your unique storytelling abilities.  

Additional Updates 

Giving Days 
  • Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers can now create campaign names, like Team Ithaca or Team SPCA Board, to accommodate groups of fundraisers who want to rally their networks together for support. This recent addition will help provide cleaner data on the backend of your donation tracking.  

GiveGab team dedicates time to respond to our customer’s feedback and create impactful, robust additions to the GiveGab Fundraising Platform. Learn more each month by visiting our blog.