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Fall 2021 Quarterly Product Updates

Throughout October, November, and December of 2021, we have worked to create impactful, robust additions to the GiveGab Fundraising Suite. Check out our product updates from the last quarter – including more accessible Business Fundraising tools. 

Giving Days 

Giving Days are online fundraising challenges (24 hours or longer) that bring communities and campuses together to raise awareness and funds for different initiatives.

Connecting the Business Community

Community businesses have the power to amplify donations during your Giving Day, which is why we continue to make significant improvements to our Business Fundraising feature. This month, we have added functionality that helps you better manage participating businesses so you can spend more time recruiting new partners and less time managing back-end technology

Each GiveGab partner now has the opportunity to enable Business Fundraisers to register themselves. With added support to enable approval statuses (approved, rejected, or pending), you can easily monitor which businesses participate in your Giving Day. For each of your partners, they will gain immediate access to a Business Fundraiser dashboard where they can edit their name, address, imagery, and administrators. With an intuitive user interface and greater flexibility, businesses can thrive – and even engage in some healthy competition – to turn your Giving Day into an even bigger success.

Building Better Engagement

Social media is a powerful tool to bring people together during Giving Days. Our team at GiveGab wants to continue to help you highlight this content directly on your website. We are excited to introduce Tint, a robust social media aggregator that can be integrated directly onto your Giving Day homepage. This updated integration will help you highlight content from fundraisers, donors, volunteers, and community members – driving more site traffic and donations for your community

Making Participation Even Easier

We want to make it incredibly easy for Giving Day participants to register. With our latest update to the Giving Day registration page, your participating groups can easily see their participation status when searching by their name. We anticipate this will reduce the amount of registration status questions sent to Giving Day administrators – allowing more time for participants to create their campaigns with ease. The different statuses your groups can see include, but are not limited to, “already registered,” “previously registered,” “not verified,” and “inquire about registration.”

Philanthropy Hub

Be the philanthropic leader for your community by providing a centralized website that serves as a verified nonprofit directory for year-round awareness, engagement, and giving with Philanthropy Hub.

Enhanced Management Tools

We understand how important collecting information can be for your organization – especially when planning for the future. With our latest enhancements to Philanthropy Hub, you can more easily customize which data you collect, and access information. 

  • Download documents straight from your Philanthropy Hub auditing page with new direct download hyperlinks! 
  • Experience faster turnaround time on custom data structure edits including adjusted field names, categories, and required fields. The rollout of our advanced editing feature gives your Project Management team more accessibility to edit fields to fit your needs. 

Additional Updates

Giving Days

  • By adding a date filter, you can now segment data on your Financial Dashboard and export the information for more concise data collection. 
  • Copy over all Giving Day profile information from previous years – including our recently added Support Area sections – to make beginning campaigns even easier.  

P2P Suite

  • Captains of P2P teams now have access to the emails of all team members, which will allow for easy, direct communication through the platform. 

Learn more about all our product updates by visiting our blog each month.