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GiveGab Joins the EveryAction Family in Company Acquisition

GiveGab has joined forces with EveryAction, the fastest-growing and second largest nonprofit software company bringing together the best-in-class products.

As part of this merger, GiveGab will continue business as usual, providing the same world-class technology and support to their Giving Day and year-round fundraising partners. The primary difference will be elevated improvements and opportunities to help GiveGab users grow and be successful.

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What this Means for Existing Customers

This acquisition will have a positive impact on the experience of GiveGab and EveryAction users alike due to the many contributions each team is bringing to the table.

For GiveGab Customers: GiveGab customers will see benefits from EveryAction’s products and features, as well as EveryAction’s network effects like one-click contributions and form pre-filling features, leading to higher conversion rates and more engagement for nonprofits. Aside from these positive improvements, everything else about the GiveGab user experience will remain the same.

For EveryAction Customers: EveryAction customers will be directly introduced to GiveGab’s growing Giving Day network, allowing them to either participate in these exciting philanthropic events or to launch their own Giving Day initiative if they choose. Organizations that host Giving Days with GiveGab see a 40% year-over-year growth in online fundraising dollars, and this directly correlates to the increased success of their participating organizations each year.

The GiveGab team is excited to join the EveryAction family and carry on our shared commitment to empowering nonprofits and schools of all sizes.

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