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GiveGab Enterprise is the Former Kimbia Product Plus Much More

As anyone who interacts with the GiveGab platform can attest to, our team loves our customers!  

Along with all the perks automatically included with any of our GiveGab products, we’re also adding some new features for our Enterprise customers to further improve their user experience.

Enterprise Platform Updates


On May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect.  We’re ready! If you’ve not yet seen the information, please review our GDPR Policy for Enterprise and this recent article with additional details on this set of new regulations.

System Status Page:  

We’ve launched a new System Status Page making it easier to quickly find and read information about the status of your Enterprise Platform. This provides uptime for the previous 90 days and will include notes on past incidents listed by date.  

You can also subscribe to updates allowing you to be proactively notified when the page is updated for any reason!

Support Email Address:  

We’ve added a new contact email just for you!  Sending an email to this address will route your support requests to the team ready to support the Enterprise product.  Please note that will work for an additional period of time, but please migrate over to the new address before June 30, 2018.

Larger Support Team:

The Customer Success team at GiveGab is a core feature for our customers.  We’re excited to grow the number of folks supporting Enterprise and will continue to do so to better meet our partners’ needs.  Bridget and Denis are the  first two team members to join this effort.

Bridget, GiveGab’s Customer Success Manager, has a background in nonprofit fundraising for the arts and health services. She has worked with hundreds of nonprofits across the country, helping to prepare them for successful engagements with their donors year round!

Denis, one of GiveGab’s Customer Success Champions and fundraising professionals, is always looking to help every nonprofit be a winner for their mission!

Upcoming Enterprise Updates

Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe has been frequently requested and we are currently in the process of adding this Payment Gateway.  Clients will have the opportunity to select this gateway option and take advantage of the low rates negotiated by GiveGab at 2.2% plus $.30 per card transaction and $0.50 per ACH transaction.  

Please contact our support organization to learn more and to discuss options and considerations, such as recurring donors, prior to notifying us that you’re ready to implement Stripe.

Integrated Chat within Enterprise Admin

GiveGab is well-known for the blue chat bubble (#SuccessChat) and their Customer Success team! Before too long, you’ll have the same opportunity to chat with Customer Success while logged into your Enterprise Admin dashboard.  

Look for more information to come as we prepare to launch #SuccessChat for even easier access to our team! 

New and Improved Community Help

Many of you have taken advantage of the current Community available via the link in Enterprise Admin to pose interesting scenarios and questions for our team and to other customers.  

We wish to continue your ability to work with us in this manner as well as to allow you the ability to search for articles which will help to answer those questions and provide product functionality insight.  

We have begun the background work to transition to a new Help for our Community of users and will be updating the link to point to the new option when it’s ready.

Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming changes, as well as GiveGab and Enterprise in General.  If you have questions, please email us at