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How GiveGab’s Fundraising Tools Make Giving Days Easy, Enjoyable, & Effective

As GiveGab supports hundreds of Giving Days on our platform annually, we continue to hear from our partners that what sets us apart from our competitors comes down to three simple things: We make Giving Day fundraising “easy, enjoyable, and effective.” 

We are proud that these three compelling words describe our technology and relationships with Giving Day clients. Read on to see how our team lives up to the three E’s of Giving Day fundraising in everything we do! 


Running a Giving Day is hard, but incredibly rewarding work! If your organization is anything like our other Giving Day partners, it might just be you or a small team in charge of the success of your day. This can put pressure on your organization and deter you from even getting started with launching your event. The key is finding a Giving Day solution that makes orchestrating these high-impact events feel easy!  

With a mission “to make it incredibly easy for fundraisers to be great at their jobs,” we are dedicated to ensuring that we are providing the highest level of support for our Giving Day partners. 

When you decide to host a Giving Day through GiveGab, you’ll be matched up with an experienced project manager from our customer success team. This team member is there to walk you through the entire Giving Day experience on GiveGab.  

Your project manager will get things started with a kick-off call to help you develop and shape your goals and game plan. From there, you will have an ongoing weekly meeting dedicated to discussing the progress of your day and ensuring you are on track to meet your fundraising goals.  

This support doesn’t stop once your day comes to an end; your project manager is also there to help with reporting and reconciliation. They’ll also schedule a debrief where they’ll go over the analytics from your day, talk through your successes, and dedicate time to discuss areas of improvement for your next Giving Day. 

Our customer success team is passionate about your day and wants to make it as easy as possible for your team to be successful. They are here to provide you with the highest level of support and to be the go-to resource you can rely on every step of the way. 

“Working with folks doing such impactful work motivates me to take a ’part of the team’ approach. I try to go above and beyond to at least make one facet of their job as easy as I can.” – Natalie, project manager 

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We understand that it is just as crucial to the success of your day that your participating groups, fundraisers, and donors can navigate the site with ease. This is where our passionate team of customer success champions and chat specialists comes into play. They create a positive user experience for all and are always developing new ways to support those visiting your Giving Day site. 

The customer success champions have created an extensive database of resources, including a support center full of helpful step-by-step articles, toolkits for participants and peer-to-peer fundraisers, plus pre-recorded videos showcasing how organizations can set up their profiles. For some organizations, this could be the first time they are trying out online fundraising, and our team is available to guide them throughout the entire process. 

But the support doesn’t stop there! At GiveGab, we take our customer support to the next level. We provide individualized support to all participating organizations and donors through GG Chat. Visitors will see a blue chat bubble on all pages of your Giving Day site as well as the back end of their profiles. When someone writes in via GG Chat, their question will automatically go to the customer success team, where someone will be there to assist them. 

“Working in GG Chat allows me to connect directly with non-profit admins, fundraisers, and donors. We work together to troubleshoot problems, and I’m constantly able to collect feedback to help make our platform a better place for all its users. Connecting through chat allows me to see the difference our company is making in real-time!” – Noelle, customer success manager 

With an average happiness rating of 95% from those writing into GG Chat, it is clear that we make it easy for participating groups to get the help and support they need to contribute to the success of their day. Write in to say “hi” anytime; they would love to hear from you!    

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At GiveGab, we strive to make the Giving Day experience enjoyable for everyone involved in the day. One way we do this is by creating a Giving Day website that keeps visitors coming back to give and further engage with your event. 

Design is a huge component of what makes your Giving Day website engaging and enjoyable. When you partner with GiveGab, you and your supporters will be proud to promote your campaign to the world! GiveGab’s in-house design team works with you to create a sleek and stylish site branded to your organization. Your site will be instantly recognizable and easy to navigate. 

In addition to creating a beautiful site, our design team will also provide you with downloadable goodies for your organizations, donors, and supporters to share on their social media networks. Unified branding that is well designed and readily available will go a long way in getting your supporters excited about your Giving Day. 

“Design is involved in every visual element that a potential donor will come across on a Giving Day website. From the landing page to the logo to social shares to printable materials, the design comes into play with every step. The design also builds a kind of trust between the donor and the recipient; having clear branding and an established presence throughout the Giving Day sites makes the donor more confident about who and where they are donating their money to.” – Mary-Kate, creative director 

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Apart from design, a website’s functionality can also help provide an enjoyable donor experience. Our gift cart feature allows your donors to “shop around” and give to multiple organizations in just a few clicks. We also provide a simple, secure, and fast donation flow with flexible payment options through GG Pay, which makes giving to your Giving Day a fun and enjoyable experience. 

Additionally, the number of donors who visit a Giving Day site from their mobile devices is growing exponentially. With so much activity happening on social media leading up to your Giving Day, donors are likely receiving the call to action to give while on their phone or tablet. Because every Giving Day site hosted through GiveGab is entirely mobile responsive, donating can be done seamlessly from any device. 

Having a positive user experience for participating groups or fundraisers is also essential for your Giving Day success. If participants do enjoy using the platform, they will not want to put effort into creating their Giving Day profiles and fundraising pages. GiveGab’s Giving Day participants have a creative space where they can tell their story and mission in compelling ways through text, photos, and videos.  

It is also essential to make your Giving Day fun! Therefore, we offer an assortment of features to make your day interactive and enjoyable. The first thing your visitors will see when they come to your site is a banner showing your dollars raised, and the number of donors that will update in real time as donations come in. 

By creating a Giving Day site through GiveGab, you can also leverage matches, challenges, and prizes to engage your supporters and connect with and broadcast your livestream event through GG Live. Supporters will also have fun getting the word out about the organizations they care about through peer-to-peer fundraising


Your Giving Day directly impacts so many lives through the work of participating organizations and groups. This is what gives you the drive and motivation to seek the best platform available not only to host your day, but to help grow it. Your Giving Day should constantly be innovating so that new donors and organizations will want to jump on board every year. 

Giving Days on GiveGab see an average growth of 60% year over year! And this doesn’t happen just by chance! Our product team is continuously looking for ways to improve the Giving Day platform. We are always listening to what our partners and customers are saying and finding new, innovative ways to bring those requests to life. 

“When we are taking in feedback from our partners and their organizations, we can be confident that any improvements to our platform will make a real difference in the success of their days.” – Isaiah, senior product manager 

How can you be sure that your day is more effective with GiveGab? We have advanced data analytics and reporting tools available to you directly from your back-end dashboard. With the ability to download registration and donation reports, you will be able to track your Giving Day’s progress as well as utilize Google Analytics to observe any trends in how supporters are interacting with your site. We also go into detail about your year-over-year performance in our debrief meeting following your day. 

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Don’t just take it from us; when you partner with GiveGab, you become part of a network of extraordinary Giving Day leaders. Some of our partners are just getting started, and others are planning their 10th Giving Day! Our exclusive Facebook group for our Giving Day leaders allows for collaboration and idea-sharing to help grow the impact and success of your day. 

But that’s not all. GiveGab partners are also invited to a Giving Day Leaders Forum every July for a chance to meet with and hear from others who are hosting their own Giving Days. With the ability to connect with so many thought leaders in the Giving Day space, it’s no wonder so many of our partners continue to grow year-over-year with GiveGab. 

Our most recent Giving Day Leaders Forum was held in Washington, D.C., on July 27-28, 2022. 

Learn more about what makes Fundraising on GiveGab easy, enjoyable, and effective!