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Create a Seamless Donor Experience on GivingTuesday with GiveGab Embeddable Donation Forms

GiveGab Enterprise Donation Forms are the most flexible fundraising solution on the market for organizations looking for white-label and seamless integrations. Because of its flexibility, Enterprise is a great way to take your GivingTuesday efforts to the next level!

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world taking place on December 1, 2020.

This GivingTuesday will be unique to previous years as nonprofits and schools continue to face the effects of COVID-19 and the challenges presented within the services they provide. It is more important than ever for your organization to take advantage of the momentum of this day dedicated to giving back to those who need it most.

There is a lot of noise in the nonprofit space during GivingTuesday, and you might be wondering how your organization can stand out and jumpstart end-of-year solicitations with a successful GivingTuesday campaign. With Enterprise, you can generate a campaign using white-label donation forms completely customized to your own branding guidelines. The possibilities are endless!

We have seen our customers utilizing their Enterprise forms in two ways to create an easy, enjoyable, and effective experience for donors with their Giving Tuesday campaigns that can inspire your success!

1. Create a Unique GivingTuesday Form

You can create a form that has fields specific to GivingTuesday and then embed it into a landing page specifically designed for your GivingTuesday campaign.

You’ll want this form to be noticeably different from the other giving experiences you offer on your website by tailoring the form questions to your GivingTuesday efforts.

This new donation form should coincide with doing special GivingTuesday outreach, asking for giving amounts that vary from what you usually ask for, and displaying special projects to highlight for GivingTuesday.

Tip: Create an Enterprise Embeddable Form to be used in tandem with a virtual GivingTuesday event for increased engagement. Check out our blog “Enterprise Embeddable Forms Collected Donations During “A Night For Austin” for inspiration!

2. Sync a Standard Form to Your GivingTuesday Efforts

An efficient and simple way to leverage the hype of GivingTuesday without all the work involved in the above suggestion is to enable Auto Data Capture rules on your standard form to track your traffic source data. This will allow you to measure the performance of your marketing efforts that are specific to GivingTuesday.

For help with this, you can reach out to our Enterprise support team.

Additional #GivingTuesday Advice:

To further amplify your fundraising results with Enterprise this GivingTuesday, enable corporate matching on donations with the 360MatchPro integration through Double the Donation. This will encourage donors to take advantage of funds already available to them through corporate matching to double the impact of their donation.

Make sure your campaign is GivingTuesday ready. Take advantage of the marketing best practices available within GiveGab’s library of GivingTuesday resources or reference what’s available through the official GivingTuesday team at


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