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GiveGab Insider: Customer Love Is What Drives Us

GiveGab’s three company values have always been Customer Love is what drives us, Team Culture is our Foundation, and We Walk the Walk.  Every day the GiveGab team makes a conscious effort to embody these three values in everything we do. 

As you explore our blog, scroll through our case studies, or speak with a member of our team, there is a good chance you’ll hear us mention Customer Love. It is a huge part of who we are as a company, and it is what makes working with GiveGab such a unique experience. 

To us, Customer Love isn’t just about providing our partners with exceptional customer service. It’s about ensuring they feel supported, understood, and set up for success. It is a relationship-first approach with an emphasis on building trust and working as a team. We understand that when our partners thrive, the GiveGab team thrives too!

Our partners do incredibly inspiring and impactful work for their communities. This work is difficult, but their passion for giving back and changing lives keep them going. We love that about them, and with an NPS score of 81, we can proudly say that our partners love us back! 

When you partner with GiveGab, you will see right away what we mean when we say that Customer Love is what drives us. Our Engagement and Relationship Management teams will work with you to make sure you have all the tools necessary to launch a successful campaign. The Product team is constantly taking in your feedback and implementing improvement to the platform. The Marketing team strives to create content that highlights our partners and offers helpful and meaningful resources. Your dedicated Project Manager is there to support you every step of the way and keep you project on track. And, our Customer Success Champions are always available to you, your organizations, and donors via GG Chat to answer questions about the platform and provide best practices. 

We asked the GiveGab team to share what Customer Love is what drives us means to them and to share how they fulfill this value in their everyday work. Check out their stories below!


laryssa (1)

“Without true Customer Love, we couldn’t do what we do successfully. We strive to be transparent, collaborative, communicative, honest, and authentic with our partners day in and day out. When in doubt, we’re taught to ask ourselves, ‘What exemplifies customer love?’ The answer to that sometimes means having a tough conversation, but the result strengthens your relationships and shows that we are your biggest cheerleader. Customer Love (among our other values) bleeds from the top-down, and is exemplified by every employee at GiveGab. It’s the crux of who we are!” Laryssa, Sr. Project Manager

casey (2)

“Customer Love means going above and beyond for our amazing partners. It’s ingrained in our culture, and we live and breathe it every day through GG Chat and by supporting our Giving Day customers. It feels great at the end of the day to have worked with a group of kind and caring individuals that are making such a positive impact in their communities.”
Casey, Sr. VP of Customer Success

Katrina (2)

“At GiveGab, our core values are integrated into everything we do. With Customer Love being our first value, the entire company works from a place of, “What is in the best interest of the customer?” In my role, I am always going back to that value and striving to ensure that everyone that interacts with the support team feels the Love, and genuine enthusiasm we have for helping them achieve their fundraising goals.”
Katrina, Director of Customer Success

 “Customer Love is so important because it is the difference between being a partner with the organizations we work with and just being a technology resource. GiveGab has amazing technology to offer, but what I love is that we love our partners as much as we love our GiveGab co-workers! This love drives us to help them be as successful as possible and helps us to see things from their perspective to offer innovative ideas and collaborate effectively.”Kelsey, Project Director


katie (2)

To me, Customer Love is finding engaging ways to highlight the incredible things that our partners are able to accomplish. I am truly fortunate that in my role, I am able to explore ways to make our partners feel special and recognized. Listening to our partners share their experiences of Customer Love in every interaction they have with a member of the GiveGab team solidifies that it is engrained in everything we do.” – Katie, Brand Marketer
kasana (2)
“Customer Love gives our support team insight on the impact that our work has on the administrators who are running their respective organizations. Their word creates our bond, and we work hard to maintain those positive relationships each day. It just feels good hearing back from our customers who validate that our efforts have helped them, no matter the topic.” Kasana, Customer Success Manager



“Customer love creates a pathway that allow clients to become partners where teamwork is the foundation. Both the partner and GiveGab are able to benefit from the relationship.” Merlin, Project Manager
“Customer love is an essential part of our company’s core values and important to me individually. I strive to be as empathetic and understanding as I can be with our partners and prospective partners. Building a strong relationship with our partners is essential to our success. I try to show my customer love by being flexible, understanding, and helping prospective partners solve their fundraising problems and pain points.” Amy, Director of Higher Education and K-12 Schools
“I enjoy seeing our partners succeed! Whenever I start a new project, I’m always thinking about what I can do to improve their experience on our platform.”Jaclyn, Sales Ops Coordinator
rebekah “”Customer Love” isn’t just a phrase, it’s a way of life, and we truly live the life of customer love at GiveGab. It’s important that we know our partners, understand their needs, and provide the highest level of support so that we can have such a strong partnership. We’re working together to achieve a common goal, and by making sure our partners are happy, well taken care of, and are looked after, we’re able to relieve some of the workload so they can check at least one thing off their to-do list. I love meeting with our partners on a weekly basis to make sure we’re supporting them the best we possibly can.”Rebekah, Sr. Project Manager
“Customer Love is at the core of everything we do. There are a lot of hoops nonprofits have to jump through in order to get things rolling so we’re always looking to find ways that we can make their lives easier. We are happy to support our nonprofits every step of the way and cheer them on as they meet their goals.”Jessica, Customer Success Process Coordinator

“Customer love is taking that extra step to learn someone’s name, their organization, the reason for their mission and, most importantly, making their mission your own. I love learn about other people’s stories and how to help them succeed in making the world a much better place.” Taj, Customer Success Champion
“When a company regularly shows its customers love, that company also becomes a lovable brand. Using GG Chat we show customers that we are here for them and that we care so much about giving them the best experience possible. I look forward to helping our wonderful admins and donors everyday!” – Mackenzie, Customer Success Champion
“Customer Love is truly the driving force behind everyone at GiveGab. We all strive to make fundraising easy, enjoyable, and effective for all of our partners. Not only does this make GiveGab a great place to work, but it also means that we work with partners who value high quality customer relations themselves. Seeing likeminded fundraising professionals across the country exceed their goals, make new connections, and succeed at their work is one of the most rewarding parts of my everyday.” Molly, Relationship Manager, Team Lead

“As someone who spent the majority of my career raising funds for caused-based organizations, I believe whole heartedly in GiveGab’s mission of making it incredibly easy for fundraisers to be great at their jobs. As a former customer, I have experienced firsthand the incredible impact of GiveGab’s online fundraising tools. That’s why I work everyday to connect nonprofits, community foundations and public media organizations with GiveGab’s suite of products that help make their online fundraising easy, enjoyable and effective.” Erik, Director of Civic Engagement 
“For me, Customer Love means that I constantly strive to make the lives of our amazing customers easier and happier. If I can save a customer even 10 minutes by taking care of something on my end, that’s 10 extra minutes they have back to focus on delivering essential support where it is most needed in their communities.”Aimee, Customer Success Manager

“I find it inspiring to work with nonprofits everyday – these are people who have dedicated their careers to improving the world around them. It motivates me to work harder; to better understand the questions they have, the obstacles they face and their ideas for their fundraisers. By helping these nonprofits create strong fundraisers I feel like I have to opportunity, in some small way, to make the world a better place too!” Molly, Senior Customer Success Champion

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