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Enjoy A Custom Giving Day Experience with GiveGab

When you are first thinking about running an online Giving Day, you are looking for ways to highlight what makes your school or community a truly unique and special place. Your Giving Day site should reflect your organization’s personality and with GiveGab, accomplishing that has never been easier.

When you partner with GiveGab for your Giving Day, you can be in control of the look and feel of your site to ensure you are creating a giving experience that compliments your brand and resonates with your supporters.

There are two crucial elements to your Giving Day site that allows your organization to tell its story and the story of all nonprofits, programs, and departments participating in the event; design and customizability.

Let’s take a deeper look into these elements and the incredible impact they make in the success of your online Giving Day.

Designing Your Giving Day Site

Design is involved in every visual element that a potential donor will come across on a Giving Day website. From the landing page to the logo to social shares to printable materials, the design comes into play with every step. The design also builds a kind of trust between the donor and the recipient; having clear branding and an established presence throughout the Giving Day sites makes the donor more confident about who and where they are donating their money to.

When you host a Giving Day through GiveGab, our Graphic Design Team will be there to assist you as you make important decisions on the branding of your day and how to best visually represent your goals. Our designers have created Giving Day logos from scratch as well as helped to enhance elements that have already been developed. They also create social share downloads available for use by supporters and participants to create an instantly recognizable call to action for all who see it.

Our in house Graphic Designers recently shared their insights into the importance of a well designed and branded Giving Day site in their blog, Designing the Number One Giving Day Experience.

 Giving Day Design
Above is the progression of a logo created for WYO Gives, a Giving Day for Wyoming Nonprofits

Customizing Your Giving Day Site 

At GiveGab, we understand the tireless efforts made by our Giving Day partners as they manage and plan for their upcoming event. This is why it is so important that we provide you with robust tools that allow you to design your dream Giving Day site with ease and flexibility.

Giving Day partners on GiveGab are given access to our premium ‘Landing Page Builder‘. With this feature, you can build and customize your Giving Day homepage from the ground up giving you full control of the look and feel of your site.

For many Giving Day platforms, when a client needs to update their site layout or content, it can often mean long lead times or complex code changes. We know that your time is valuable especially as your Giving Day approaches making it critical to be able to make changes on the fly.

With our Landing Page Builder, we have provided a simple way for you to design the layout of your site by allowing you to choose what ‘sections’ are displayed and the order they appear in. ‘Sections’ refer to the different components of your site that highlight different initiatives and calls to action. Examples of Giving Day landing Page sections include leaderboards, videos, sponsor information, and more!

Above you can see a visual representation of the Landing Page Builder featuring
CLLCTIVLY’s Giving Day Site, CLLCTIVGIVE 2020.

The Landing Page Builder is easily accessible through your personal Giving Day Partner Dashboard and has a user-friendly interface to make customizing your Giving Day experience a breeze. And of course, your designated Project Manager will be there every step of the way for support as you work within this robust feature.

Your Giving Day experience should be as unique as your organization. When you partner with GiveGab, you have the control to create a Giving Day site that perfectly captures your branding and the mission of the day.

Learn more about our Design Elements, Landing Page Builder, and the countless benefits your organization will experience when you choose GiveGab for your next Giving Day!


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