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4 Steps to Creating and Sharing Your Giving Day Profile Masterpiece

There’s an artist within each of us just waiting for the chance to express itself.  And, lucky for you, creating your Giving Day profile can easily become a form of artistic expression!  

As with most Giving Days, the momentum of the day involves other participating organizations or groups, making it that much more important to let your story shine through your profile to help you stand out from the crowd.

The following steps will help you create and share your Giving Day masterpiece.

1. Customize Your Profile 

When you participate in a Giving Day powered by GiveGab, your profile isn’t limited to a short description and call to action.  Instead, you have a virtual fundraising canvas and paint set readily at hand!  As seen in the screenshot below of CARA’s Mississippi Day of Giving profile, you can incorporate your personal logo, tagline, causes you support, and a background image of your choosing:  

Giving Day Profile for CARA - Community Animal Rescue & Adoption
Giving Day Profile for CARA – Community Animal Rescue & Adoption

Add vibrant and compelling photos of your own (or use free stock photos if you’re lacking quality images) to help you tell your nonprofit’s story. You can even include that tear-jerking video you can’t stop sharing on Facebook.  We know you do it.

Giving Day Profile
Image from CARA’s Giving Day Profile

2. Beautify Your Donation Levels

Get creative with your donation levels by adding a photo and short description to each one.  Using giving levels reveals the impact of donor dollars and has been shown to better engage supporters by providing them with a choice over where their donations are going!  Click to expand the example of donations tiers from CARA’s Giving Day profile below:

Giving Day Profile
Giving Levels from CARA – Community Animal Rescue & Adoption

3. Ask Fundraisers to Share Your Work!

A supporter who volunteers to fundraise on your nonprofit’s behalf gets to create their own fundraising page as an extension of your own.  You get to decide the basic format so it’s aesthetically consistent with your profile, but they can contribute a personal story of why they’re supporting you, which will help to expand your campaign’s reach through their personal connections.

Giving Day Profile
Personal Fundraiser Supporting CARA

4. Dress Up Your Donation Receipts

Even the email receipts your supporters get after making a donation can be customized, so make sure to Gussy up your emails by including images, selecting a nice color scheme to match your profile, and more.  Below is a screenshot of the visuals included in a donation receipt from a Giving Day campaign powered by GiveGab:

Giving Day Profile
Personalized Thank You + Compelling Photo = Stewardship 101

Your donor receipt should include the following:

  • Personalized to the donor (first name basis!)
  • Conveys appreciation (“Thank you, Marcy“)
  • Shows impact with a compelling photo (a cute dog!)
  • Provides quick access to donation history (link within the email)
  • Includes an invitation to share the love! (By email or social media)

Ready to Get Creative?

If you’re participating in an upcoming Giving Day, use the tips and examples provided above to help inspire your Giving Day profile masterpiece and take a look at more of our Giving Day ideas:

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