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Creating a Culture of Philanthropy Within Your Organization

Working in the nonprofit sector, you rely on the idea of philanthropic spirit from those who connect with your cause in order to gain their support.

But, is there a strong culture of giving within your nonprofit organization and does it resonate with everyone involved?

Philanthropy – The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

Start with Your Organization’s Culture

What’s the current status of your organization’s culture?  What beliefs are being portrayed through your outgoing communications, how you interact within and outside the office setting, and how you participate in and contribute toward your own campaigns and other fundraising efforts?

All of these things work together to define your organization’s collective attitude (or culture) regarding philanthropy.

Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

A culture of philanthropy means that there’s a shared “giving attitude”, a deep understanding of the value of giving, and behavior that is in alignment with this attitude and understanding.

What does it mean to have established a culture of philanthropy within your organization?

  1. Communications are both client and donor-centered
  2. Focus is on donor relationships and retention
  3. Communications are assessed for effectiveness and improved upon
  4. Team members (staff & board) seek to foster personal connections with donors
  5. Team members involve their personal networks for added support
  6. Team members donate their time and money to organizational efforts
  7. Team members are ambassadors for the nonprofit’s mission within and outside the office

Attracting Support Through Your Culture

When you have a healthy culture of philanthropy within your organization, the value of giving has to be supported by the attitudes and behaviors of all people involved.  When you show full support and faith in your own work by promoting it in ways that go above and beyond what’s required of you, this can be seen and felt by your current and potential supporters.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.” – William James

When your nonprofit’s team shows full support of internal efforts through communication and behavior, you’ve created a culture of philanthropy that will inspire others to have increased faith in the work you do!

When establishing this new culture, make sure this also includes your board members!

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