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Impactful Fundraising For COVID-19 Crisis Relief Starts Now

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and its implications on the nonprofit sector, the GiveGab team is encouraging communities to promote generosity in ways that make the most sense and offer the best results for them – and we’re encouraging them to do so right now when it’s needed most.

To help more communities raise critical funds, we’re offering the following resources:

  1. Everyday Community Giving platform with zero upfront cost for community foundations through the end of December 2020
  2. Opened donations for many of our Giving Day partners to allow for crisis relief efforts
  3. Free peer-to-peer fundraising suite for nonprofits and schools through June 30, 2020

Learn More About Our Crisis Relief Resources

To help adjust to the current need for completely virtual engagement and fundraising, our team put on a webinar that you can now download, called Strategies For Impactful Fundraising During a Crisis.

Fundraising During a Crisis

If you want to help the world, start with your community.

Our Community Giving platform allows foundations to provide a unified space for their nonprofit members to fundraise for crisis relief efforts and the tools needed to highlight other important initiatives unique to their needs.

Community Giving sites are designed for extended periods of fundraising with an emphasis on launching campaigns with a sense of immediacy and urgency (such as crisis relief efforts). For comparison, a Giving Day is typically capped to 24-hours or another limited time frame with a lot of momentum leading up to the event.

While Giving Days are a celebration of local philanthropy planned months in advance, Community Giving serves as an immediate and prolonged campaign to drive the support needed to help combat a crisis like the one we’re facing with the Coronavirus outbreak.

It’s also important to remember what a Giving Day represents for YOU and your local community – which is usually a celebration of local philanthropy. This current global crisis, however, doesn’t call for a celebration; it calls for an immediate call to action.

Community Giving for Crisis Relief

Your nonprofit members can easily launch a campaign within your Community Giving site that’s laser-focused on raising awareness for COVID-19 crisis relief – or any other initiative you choose to feature at anyCommunity Crisis Relief given time.

More details about how to customize your Community Giving site with examples from a few of our fundraising partners are available in our blog article, Centralized Community Giving Sites for Crisis Relief. is a Community Giving site supporting nonprofits in the Finger Lakes area.

Engaging Through Social Media

With the current emphasis on digital engagement and staying home, it’s even more important to leverage social media as much as possible at this time.

Here are some trending hashtags that foundations and nonprofits can use to help generate more awareness around their fundraising efforts:

This is a popular hashtag among the nonprofit community that helps connect nonprofits to much-needed resources in the form of grants, loans, and other fundraising resources.

With a greater emphasis on everyday generosity, this hashtag connects you to more inspirational content of people helping each other through this difficult time.

Although not directly related to fundraising, the GivingTuesday team has launched a day of generosity that encourages all acts of kindness in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Taking place on May 5, 2020, the goal is to unite the world in generosity to help those in need.

This is a powerful hashtag that can be adapted to your community to inspire unity and giving right now. This a time where everyone in your community is struggling to various degrees, and yet people want to help others now more than ever before. Try adapting this hashtag to your community’s efforts by adding the name of your county, city, school, or organization to the end of it: e.g., #BetterTogetherTompkinsCounty, #BetterTogetherIthaca, etc.

  • #YourUniqueHashtag

Most importantly, YOUR unique messaging for engaging your community is what matters most. We all want to feel connected to where we live and work, so make sure you’re offering a way for your community to engage with you that is completely unique to your community. Leveraging the above hashtags can be helpful, but only when paired with something that directly tied to your community.

Some great examples from our partners include: #BigGiveRelief#SupportAZNonprofits, and #iGiveCatholicTogether.

Empowering Your Community

There are many ways you can begin empowering your community to give.

You do so much to make a positive difference in your community, and it’s important for your supporters to know what you need right now in order to stay operational and continue fulfilling your mission following this crisis. We hope you feel inspired and empowered to do just that.