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Centralized Community Giving Sites for Crisis Relief

In response to the growing impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the GiveGab team has put together an extensive list of crisis relief resources for foundations, nonprofits, and schools to assist with their efforts.

Among these resources, we are now offering our Community Giving platform with no subscription cost through December of 2020.

Community Giving is a robust fundraising solution that allows your nonprofit members the ability to fundraise year-round through campaigns, events, and initiatives. All of this is made possible through a centralized and secure community-based website hosted and customized by your foundation.

Community Foundations across the United States are already using this resource to allow for community-wide COVID-19 crisis relief efforts. Some examples include:

  • The Nonprofit Council in San Antonio, TX, is using Community Giving for their Big Give Emergency Relief campaign.
  • The Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes has opened donations for COVID relief through their site
  • The Community Foundation of North Central Florida is hosting The Amazing Give Emergency Relief campaign for organizations in their community.

As the philanthropic leader of your community, nonprofits rely on your organization’s work for support and stability, especially during this time of uncertainty. With Community Giving, you get the tools to empower your nonprofits to come together and create a sense of unity as they raise critical funds for COVID-19.

Through utilizing this platform, you can empower your local nonprofits to unite their emergency relief efforts. While many smaller nonprofits do not have the resources available to participate in digital fundraising, hosting a Community Giving site allows you to invite nonprofits of all sizes to join and raise critical funds online.

You can book a time to speak with a member of our Civic Engagement Team to learn more and get started with your subscription-free Community Giving Platform below (a value of $8,500/year)

Let’s go through some of the tools and features available to you and your nonprofits through the Community Giving platform that will amplify the impact of COVID-19 relief efforts in your community.

A Custom Centralized Website

Through the Community Giving platform, you can create a central place where all donors can find causes they wish to engage with and support during this time of crisis. The site will also be customized and branded to your organization to create a sense of unity among the nonprofits participating and the community that is familiar with your organization as the overarching philanthropic leader.

Through your partner dashboard, your organization is also able to customize the interface of the website to feature campaigns and opportunities that are most relevant to the crisis relief efforts of your community as well as make coCommunity Crisis Reliefpy changes throughout the site.

Additionally, it is crucial that your donors feel confident when making an online donation, especially in the age of online identity theft. Our donation forms are backed by the highest level of security and maintain PCI Level 1 Compliance to ensure donors feel safe when giving online and that their information is protected.

The Community Foundation of North Central Florida is using the URL from their annual Giving Day site,, making it that much easier for supporters to search for and remember. This URL directs site visitors to a multitude of different organizations that they can research and donate to directly.


Search Functionality for Participating Nonprofits

Donors visiting your crisis relief site will easily be able to look through participating organizations to find causes that resonate with them. They can even donate directly to the organization through the search, as seen below. It is so important that we are making it as easy as possible to connect donors and organizations, especially at this time.

Below you can see how donors visiting are able to search through organizations raising critical funds through The Big Give Emergency Relief platform.

Community Crisis Relief


Unique Profiles for Participating Organizations

Organizations receive all the tools necessary to run an impactful campaign through your Community Giving site, each having access to their own nonprofit profiles and back-end dashboards to manage their campaigns.

Within their profiles, participating organizations will have the ability to share their needs with the community and how funds received through their crisis relief efforts will help support and strengthen their missions and work. They will also be able to add images, videos, and donation levels to their profiles to visually represent their immediate needs. Each profile will have a unique URL that organizations can share out to their donors and supporters for direct calls to action.

Additionally, they are given the functionality for Peer-to-Peer fundraising and Matches and Challenges. Peer-to-Peer fundraising allows organizations to use their biggest supporters to spread the word about their crisis relief campaign and raise funds and awareness on the organization’s behalf. Our Matches & Challenges feature allows organizations to highlight any additional funding given to the organization that will be matched or unlocked, making each donation have an even greater impact.

In the example below, you can see that the San Antonio Food Bank was able to use customized donation levels as a way to further express their needs.

Community Crisis Relief


Support and Management of your Site

We want you to know that we are here to support you and your nonprofit members to help create a crisis relief initiative that is successful in raising critical funds for your community.

When your Community Foundation is onboarded to our Community Giving platform, you’ll be connected with an experienced Project Manager from our Customer Success team. This team member is there to walk you through your entire experience on GiveGab.

They will begin with a kick-off call to help you develop and shape your goals and game plan. From there, you will have an ongoing weekly meeting dedicated to discussing the progress of this initiative and ensuring that its on track. Your Project Manager will also be there to help with reporting and reconciliation throughCommunity Crisis Reliefout the year.

Additionally, nonprofits fundraising through your Community Giving site will have access to our #successchat year-round to answer any questions they may have. Our Customer Support Champions are there to assist your nonprofits every step of the way, providing them with direct support and a resource library rich with support articles, webinars, and more.


A Simple Donation Flow For Your Nonprofits

It is essential that we are making it as easy as possible for donors to make their gifts to participating organizations on your Community Giving site. Your site will have Gift Basket functionality so that donors can give to multiple organizations at a time if they choose.

We also understand that most online donations come in through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. All of our sites are mobile responsive, making it simple for donors to give wherever they are.

Community Giving sites also have the capability for donors to distribute gifts to participating organization’s through their Donor Advised Funds (DAF) held with your Community Foundation.

Below you can see the donation flow for organizations participating in The Amazing Give Emergency Relief Site.

Community Crisis Relief


Business Intelligence Tools for Data Analysis and Donor Insights

As the host of the Community Giving site, you will have access to a partner dashboard explicitly designated to your Community Giving initiatives. You will be able to see the number of donations coming in as well as the number of organizations fundraising on your site.

You’ll also be provided with analytics regarding how your Community Giving site is functioning that will help you make decisions on how to best continue to serve nonprofits fundraising on your site for COVID-19 emergence relief efforts – and beyond.


The Community Giving platform works best for organizations such as Community Foundations, United Ways, and nonprofit networks. These are typically organizations that have nonprofit members they provide support and fundraising resources to directly. Community Giving works best when the host organization has a strong relationship with the nonprofit community. If you aren’t sure if your organization is a good fit, we would be happy to have a one-on-one meeting with you!

We are currently offering our Community Giving platform with no subscription cost through December of 2020 to amplify the impact of COVID-19 relief efforts in your community.