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Celebrating the State of Vermont’s First Giving Day, Vermont Gives 2016

The State of Vermont successfully completed their first-ever Giving Day, Vermont Gives 2016! 

On June 7th, 2016, nonprofits throughout Vermont promoted their causes and collected online donations through the official Vermont Gives website,

This 24-hour giving event was established by Common Good Vermont and The Vermont Community Foundation to highlight the importance of nonprofits to the wellbeing of the community and to encourage increased generosity.

Vermont Gives 2016

As the Giving Day platform behind Vermont Gives, the GiveGab team is delighted to see the positive turnout for Vermont’s very first Giving Day!

Participating nonprofits can continue to collect donations through until midnight on Friday, June 10th, and will have continued access to their personal fundraising accounts through GiveGab, where they can create future campaigns, engage their supporters, and collect more online donations!

As of June 8th, 2016, 209 nonprofits raised over $72,000 from 900 charitable donors!
Vermont Gives 2016

A variety of engaging prizes were awarded throughout the day, with nonprofit recipients listed on the Vermont Gives prizes page, which included prizes for organizations with the most donors and most money raised.

Organizations in the lead for the most money raised and most donors were announced and updated throughout the Giving Day on the Vermont Gives Leaderboards.

Vermont Gives 2016

We’d like to congratulate the state of Vermont on having a very successful first Giving Day!  We look forward to seeing the continued impact their nonprofits have throughout their communities.

To make a donation or find our more about Vermont Gives, visit
For more information about the Giving Day platform behind Vermont Gives and many other successful Giving Days, click below: