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Best Ways to Show Love to Your Donors (Part 2)

Before Valentine’s Day, we had Part 1 of our webinar series, Best Ways to Show Love to Your Donors.  And the following Friday we had Part 2, where members of our incredible customer success team went more deeply into how nonprofits can utilize GiveGab’s online giving platform to better engage their donors. 

How to show love and appreciation to your donors on GiveGab…

Personalized Thank You Email & Receipt

Thanking donors promptly and sincerely is super important for effectively showing them that you care, and you can do this quickly and easily with GiveGab.  

A customizable donation receipt that includes a thank you message is sent to your donors immediately after they make a donation!  The message is branded with your organization’s logo and can be customized to look however you’d like with the following:  

  1. Personalized thank you message
  2. Personalized thank you video or image
  3. Receipt with EIN

Improved Engagement 

Through GiveGab, you can learn more about how your supporters prefer to be contacted by sending them a survey (yes, through the GiveGab platform!) that asks them just that.  We all love having our preferences respected, so this seemingly small gesture can go a long way.     

To keep the lines of communication moving, you can end your survey with a question about what inspired them to donate to your campaign and see if you can possibly share their story on your website or through social media. 

You can distribute the survey using GiveGab’s survey tool or through messaging.  There’s a lot of information your supporters have that can help your fundraising decisions, so make sure you ask for it! – In their preferred method of contact, obviously.

Listen & Follow Through

Pay attention to what your supporters said in the survey.  See what you can learn from their personal stories about why they were inspired to donate to your cause and respect their communication preferences.

After assessing the survey responses, take action!  If you see any common requests coming in, you should make those a priority.  Even if certain requests can’t be made, you should still take action by following up with them about what’s next and of course thanking them for taking the time to complete your survey in the first place.

Give Back

Remember that cool donor appreciation wall that we discussed in Part 1?  Well, you can create a virtual one using GiveGab!  We have a great feature that allows you to post comments and photos on your wall for all of your supporters to see, so sharing thank you messages is easy.  And although this is intended for your donors, you could be doing this for your fundraising champions and even your volunteers as well!

You can also use GiveGab to help you set up donor appreciation events.  Here you can organize your volunteers and add RSVPs for attendees/donors.  Details about the event and a place to sign up as either a volunteer or a donor are all included on the platform.  Very convenient and organized!  Want to check out the full webinar?…