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4 Key Benefits of Using Volunteer Management Software

How are you currently managing and promoting volunteer opportunities and supporters for your nonprofit?  Are you doing everything offline or do you have an online process in place?  

If you’re not using software designed for volunteer management, then you probably don’t have things as organized as you’d like!        

1. Makes things Easier for You and Them

Having all of your events and programs housed in one place for your volunteers to sign up, inquire about, log their hours for (and so on) will make it easier for them to sign up for these volunteer opportunities and will help you keep track of them all!

2. Attracts More New & Repeat Volunteers

Having easily accessible (and attractive) event and program web pages where people can learn more about your volunteer opportunities and easily sign up to volunteer at their own discretion is an invaluable resource for nonprofits like yours!

Volunteer Opportunity on GiveGab

Volunteer Management Software

Plus, if you use the GiveGab giving platform, volunteer management is absolutely free!  

3. Makes Volunteer Opportunities Viral Events

When supporters sign up for one of your events via GiveGab, they can keep track of this through their own personal accounts, log their hours, earn cool volunteer accomplishment badges, and share all of this on their profile for their peers to see.  Social sharing is also built right in, making it easy for your supporters to get even more of their peers involved.

Volunteer Management Software

4. Makes Volunteers & Donors Interchangeable

Turning your volunteers into donors and your donors to volunteers becomes a seamless process when everything is housed in the same convenient place online!  What you get in the end is a group of all around supporters of your organization. What nonprofit doesn’t want that?? 

Volunteer Management Software

Signing up as a volunteer and making an online donation are both clear courses of action that anyone who visits your event or program pages on GiveGab can carry out!  


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