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Benefits of Participating in a Statewide #GivingTuesday Movement

On #GivingTuesday, nonprofits across the U.S. will be advocating for their incredible missions while engaging their supporters and their local communities to inspire giving back.

What’s even more exciting is the introduction of official statewide Giving Days happening on #GivingTuesday. For 2016, GiveGab is powering statewide #GivingTuesday movements for New York State (#NYGivesDay), Illinois (#ILGive), and Oregon (#OregoniansGive)!

Unlike any other day of the year, #GivingTuesday is the one day that large numbers of people go out of their way to find places to give back to!  It’s safe to say that nonprofits are missing out on a HUGE opportunity when they don’t participate in this global day of giving.

For those who have the opportunity to do so, here are some of the benefits of participating in a statewide #GivingTuesday movement: 

Free use of Robust, Modern Software:

Nonprofits who participate in a statewide #GivingTuesday movement through GiveGab sign up for free and collect donations without any platform fees.

Increased Visibility:

Participating nonprofits are listed on the official statewide website and are therefore exposed to more potential donors and get to leverage all the marketing and PR associated with the day at no cost to them.

More Motivation to Give:

Having one website to represent an entire state provides a cohesive identity to the campaign, which incentivizes donors who like to feel as though they’re giving to something bigger.

Helps Establish Trust:

Being listed on a statewide #GivingTuesday website helps verify your organization so that donors can trust that they’re giving to an established nonprofit.

Donor-Centered Experience:

A Giving Day website is focused on the donor experience, so people looking to donate have an easy and seamless way to do so for the causes they care about.

Donor Data:

Participating nonprofits are provided with extremely valuable data about their donors.

Statewide Giving Data:

Participation helps to identify who should be counted toward the collective monetary goal to be raised by nonprofits throughout the state and coming back with a large number gets nonprofits, their supporters, and the statewide community EXCITED and motivated to continue giving in the future!


What Are You Waiting For? 

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