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Benefits of Giving Days for Community Foundations

Beyond the upsurge in charitable giving that results from running a Giving Day event, community foundations have seen plenty of other benefits as well.  According to information from The Knight Foundation, community foundations have experienced increased visibility and credibility among local nonprofits and their donors, along with overall improved engagement and capacity to raise funds.

Here we provide some of the key information from their report:

Visibility and Credibility

  • 48% of nonprofits and donors first heard about a community foundation because of a Giving Day
  • 72% of nonprofits and 64% of donors claimed they knew more about community foundations following their involvement with a Giving Day
  • 96% of nonprofits and 86% of donors said they considered community foundations to be valuable
  • Because of the information community foundations are able to collect from a Giving Day about local nonprofits (their budgets, boards, missions, and so on), they are increasingly being considered information centers for charitable giving

Engagement and Funds

  • Giving Day campaigns have helped community foundations learn how to use digital tools such as social media and online fundraising software
  • Giving Days were reported to help them engage with their donor-advised fund holders – individuals who put money aside with the goal of donating to a charity in order to receive a tax benefit, and then decide later which organization(s) to support with those funds
    • From the Chronicle of Philanthropy, 36% of donors prefer to give to short-term needs, such as a Giving Day event, compared with 22% of donors who prefer giving long-term

In summary, improved means of engagement paired with increased connections with more nonprofits and donors helps community foundations gain visibility, credibility, and to ultimately raise more money!