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Meaningful Assignments for Giving Day Volunteers

When participating in a Giving Day, time and resources can be scarce, which can make it challenging for your organization to be successful.

One way to combat this is to mobilize your volunteers to help you execute your perfect Giving Day.

Here are some meaningful assignments to give your volunteers:

Direct Mail Team

If you’re planning a direct mail appeal for your Day of Giving, your volunteers can be a huge help. Order a pizza and have a mailing party! Take some of the pressure off your staff and use this as a time to get your volunteers excited about the upcoming day.

This is also a great opportunity for you to see how else your volunteers may be interested in helping you out before and during the Giving Day.

Fundraising Champions

Your volunteers likely care a great deal about your mission and the work your organization does. This means that they will make excellent champions for your cause! Even if they may not have the capacity to be big donors to your organization, they can still become a fundraising champion and raise money on behalf of your organization.

By sharing their stories of why they volunteer and why your cause is so important, they can reach new donors you may have never been able to acquire without their help.

Social Media Heroes

Social media is an incredibly effective promotional tool – but only when your messages are being seen and shared by the right people. With the help of your volunteers, you can reach more people in a shorter amount of time, which means less work for you and your organization.

These social media heroes can share out your content to their network – or create their own! Throw together a few templates and watch the new donors come flying in!