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The Amazing Give 2020 – Supporting a Community In Crisis and Beyond

The Amazing Give, hosted by The Community Foundation of North Central Florida, is an annual Giving Day focused on showcasing and supporting local nonprofits. In 2017, The Community Foundation transitioned this event to the GiveGab platform. Over the past four years, The Amazing Give has seen a 72% increase in dollars raised and a 49% increase in the number of participating nonprofits.

At the start of 2020, The Community Foundation was in the midst of planning for it’s 5th Giving Day to take place later that Spring. Typically this event included many in-person events to generate excitement and connect donors with more participating nonprofits.

As the Covid-19 Pandemic entered the United States, The Amazing Give team quickly recognized that nonprofits needed additional support to continue fundraising during these dire times. With that, The Community Foundation made the decision to postpone The Amazing Give 2020 to August and pivot its site to provide nonprofits with a means to collect funds for emergency relief. The Amazing Give Emergency Relief site ran from March 19 to July 31, 2020, and raised an incredible $361,050.

Amazing Give 2020

Following the success of The Amazing Give Emergency Relief initiative, their 100% digital Giving Day took place on August 19-20, 2020. The Community Foundation achieved record-breaking results during this year’s The Amazing Give by finding creative ways to stay connected with nonprofits, offering live-stream content for site visitors, and releasing exciting Pop-Up prizes throughout the Giving Day.

In addition to their annual Giving Day, the Community Foundation is providing a new way for supporters to connect with and learn about organizations serving North Central Florida year-round. In mid-September of 2020, The Community Foundation of North Central Florida officially launched The Philanthropy Hub for their community. This new site operates as a  trusted database of North Central Florida organizations in which grantmakers and community members can find detailed information and an easy way to give back.

In this case study, Lesley Banis, Director of Programs at The Community Foundation of North Central Florida, shared her team’s experience in postponing their Spring 2020 Giving Day, repurposing their site for Emergency Relief, and providing nonprofits with year-round engagement tools.

Topics Covered in this Case Study Include:


amazing give 2020
  • A brief history of The Amazing Give and the Community Foundation’s experience working with GiveGab
  • The Impact of  the Covid-19 pandemic on local nonprofits in the early Spring of 2020
  • Reasons behind The Community Foundation’s decision to postpone its Spring Giving Day date and pivot to Emergency Relief
  • Tactics used by Lesley to keep nonprofits engaged and informed in a completely digital landscape
  • Generating excitement around The Amazing Give through-live stream content and “Pop-Up Prizes”
  • The Community Foundation’s plan to support nonprofits year-round with The Philanthropy Hub

Read more about how The Amazing Give 2020 was able to achieve incredible results as they utilized GiveGab’s platform to support a community in crisis and beyond.

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