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Why an Agile CRM is Essential for Nonprofit Operations

Why is an agile CRM essential to your operations?

An agile Customer Relationship Management software allows nonprofits like yours to better understand the giving behavior and communication preferences of supporters by collecting and organizing important information about them.

From the data gathered, you’re better able to communicate with your donors in a more personalized way, and this data can then be used to drive your fundraising, marketing, and operational strategies.

With an agile and modern CRM, you should be able to capture donor data in a modern, easy to use, and centralized location so you can quickly and easily report funds raised and segment supporters into key outreach groups.

Your nonprofit CRM should provide you with the following:
  • Full communication history between your nonprofit and your supporters
  • Record of all financial transactions or donations
  • Ability to segment contacts for more targeted follow-up messaging
  • Ability to send direct or group messages through or integrated with the CRM

By capturing data in real-time, you’ll be able to analyze trends and better understand your supporters. This allows you to create targeted campaigns that your donors will respond to and to meaningfully engage with them.

By using these tools to engage your donors, and keep them engaged, you’ll continue to see year over year growth in fundraising and donor engagement.

GiveGab now offers an agile Nonprofit CRM called Engage, which can be fully integrated into your online dashboard when you sign up for our Engage premium plan.  This means you can manage your fundraising and donor engagement all in one convenient place!

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