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GiveGab Partners with Accelerist to Provide Advanced Donor Insights

GiveGab’s Giving Day Platform is the most trusted digital fundraising solution across the civic, nonprofit, and education sectors with over 150 partners nationwide.

Designed to make fundraising easy, enjoyable, and effective, Giving Days provide organizations with a variety of benefits, including elevated awareness, increased donor support, and strengthened community engagement.

GiveGab has partnered with Accelerist to offer Giving Day hosts advanced donor insights through its audience analytics platform. These findings serve to foster improved relationships with supporters through optimal engagement strategies.

Accelerist Donor Insights

Accelerist, The Social Impact Intelligence Platform, helps companies and causes build or improve their relationships with each other and their supporters.


For your fundraising efforts, Accelerist can help you:

Identify Your Audience – Get demographic, psychographic, geographic, cause affinities, and buying behaviors of those who give to you.

Understand Your Audience – Uncover your donors’ motivations for giving, needs, and ways to deepen their engagement with your brand or cause.

Impact More – Members report raising up to 35% more for social causes due to the data, research, prospect access, measurement, and strategic services they receive from Accelerist.

Accelerist Donor Insights

If you’re looking to elevate your Giving Day by better understanding your audience, start by asking these 5 questions:

  1. Why are these donors supporting our Giving Day?
  2. Who are these participants demographically?
  3. What are their attitudes, beliefs, or core values?
  4. How can we be sensitive to cultural differences, language, and societal values?
  5. How much does our audience know about our mission, our work, our collective impact?

Your findings can be powerful when defining the overall strategy, design, communications, and donor cultivation.

More specifically, deeper donor data and insights can help you:

  1. Make faster, more informed decisions based on known donor needs
  2. Increase personalization that is connected to motivators like returning fundraiser, top fundraiser, etc.
  3. Create conditionalized communications that drive greater engagement based on the fundraiser journey
  4. Build a tiered Moves Management plan
  5. Leverage your donors’ favorite brands to secure new corporate donors

Accelerist Donor Insights

To further demonstrate how this data can help Giving Day hosts leading up to and following GivingTuesday – happening on December 1, 2020 – we’re sharing feedback from two organizations that have already benefited from using Accelerist data to understand their donors.

“As a data-driven organization, I Live Here I Give Here values its partnership with Accelerist and GiveGab. Our partnership is instrumental in our work to increase generosity in Central Texas by utilizing analytic insights to deepen our supporter engagement, elevate our marketing strategies, and seek new relationships that align with our community’s needs.” 

Lindsay Muse, Chief Operations Officer, I Live Here I Give Here 

“At the Community Foundation of North Central Florida we are pleased with our partnership with Accelerist and GiveGab. The data provided helped our organization increase fundraising revenues, make more informed decisions and increased our efficiency. The data has been an asset in growing our fundraising and outreach throughout the entire organization.”

– Barzella Papa, President and CEO, Community Foundation of North Central Florida 

Join us for a collaborative webinar on October 15 at 1 PM ET with Accelerist, GivingTuesday, and our guests from the Community Foundation of North Central Florida and I Live Here I Give Here to gain more insights into this partnership.