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6 Signs You Should Ask for Help With Online Fundraising

As many nonprofits (perhaps even your own) were established a long time ago, online fundraising is still relatively new.  We still rely on our traditional fundraising champions who always pull through with their checkbooks and ballpoint pens in hand.  But, alas, as the times are a changin’, so are our nonprofit donors!  

Online donations are picking up speed, even among our older generations who recognize the convenience, and so you’ve taken on the challenge of online fundraising for your nonprofit – congratulations!  

How’s that going for you so far?  Whether it’s going well or seemingly nowhere, here are some clear signs that you would benefit from more help with your online fundraising efforts…

1. You’re New To Online Fundraising

If online fundraising is a totally new project for you, you might feel more confident getting started if you have experts there to help walk you through it.  You may only want help getting started or you could choose to benefit from the additional support on a continued basis.  It’s entirely up to you.

2. Lack of Engagement   

If you’ve set up an online fundraising account, but have had zero engagement from donors and/or volunteers for more than 30 days, you should reach out to your platform provider’s customer success team for help.  After all, that’s what they’re here for!   

3. Several Complaints

If supporters or potential supporters have made complaints about a campaign page, donation form, or something else that could prevent them from supporting you, you might be doing something wrong that could easily be fixed with just a little bit of assistance.  

4. You’re too Busy and Lack Support

If you’ve attempted to begin online fundraising and feel like you don’t really have the time to set everything up on your own and lack internal support, then you definitely should reach out for help and get your online fundraising machine up and running ASAP!  After all, time is money.  

5. You’re Frustrated or Confused

Maybe you’re just not sure how to create a campaign so you avoid it altogether.  The task might be too daunting and different from anything you’ve ever done before.  And you know what?  That’s totally okay.  You don’t have to do this alone.  There are experts out there for a reason.  Just don’t ask us to fix your toilet…

6. You’re Looking to Maximize Your Fundraising Potential

People who are out of shape aren’t the only people you see at the gym.  In fact, many of the people you see there look like they’ve never seen a carbohydrate!  Point being, you don’t need to be bad at something to improve at it.

It’s possible that you’re already pretty great at online fundraising, but you’d like added support from the experts anyway, so that you can go ALL IN and maximize your online fundraising potential!


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