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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Giving Day Platform

To feel secure with a website, especially when it’s used for high-volume giving, such as with a big Giving Day event, you need a platform that’s simple to use, secure, user/mobile-friendly, and one with great customer support.  

Here are some questions to ask when choosing a Giving Day platform:  

1. What is their performance history for Giving Days?

  • Repeat Giving Day GrowthHow many Giving Days have they done, and how successful were they?
    GiveGab hosts over 200 Giving Days a year; see them all here! In 2020, repeat Giving Days on our platform grew by 97%! 
  • Did any of their Giving Days crash? If so, how did the platform respond?
    GiveGab partners are confident in the stability of our platform. We are always transparent about our platform’s performance. 
  • Do they have any negative or positive reviews from customers?
    Visit review sites such as Capterra and G2 Crowd to compare platforms based on credible and honest customer reviews.

2. Are their Giving Day pages attractive?

  • What do their Giving Day sites look like?
    Our Giving Day sites have a simple and sleek user interface making it incredibly easy for donors to navigate.
  • Do they offer logo and branding design?
    GiveGab’s in-house Graphic Designers work closely with our partners to create unique logos and marketing assets that bring their Giving Day to life. Learn more!
  • Are the participants well-represented with their own brand or style?
    On GiveGab, Giving Day participants create unique profiles that allow for images, videos, custom donation levels, and more!
  • Are any of them available for you to look at after the Giving Day is over?
    Our Giving Day sites remain visible year-round for those looking to find more information and view the impact made during their most recent event. View them all here

3. Do they use reliable & modern technology?

  • Giving Day site example on mobile devicesAre their Giving Day pages mobile-friendly, so people can donate from any device?
    With nearly half of Giving Day donations coming through mobile devices, GiveGab has prioritized making it incredibly easy for donors to navigate the site via their phone and tablet! 
  • Are their donation forms clean and straightforward or clunky and confusing?
    Our Giving Day donation forms are easy to use with step-by-step instructions and shopping cart functionality.
  • What payment system do they use, or is it unclear?
    GG pay is GiveGab’s modern and secure payment processor designed exclusively for nonprofits, schools, and hospital foundations to collect donations quickly and efficiently online.
  • How often does the platform make updates? How seriously do they consider their customer’s feedback?
    GiveGab makes continuous updates to our Giving Day platform based on direct feedback from our partners and customers. We release monthly product updates available here

4. How is their customer support?

  • Does the platform offer Project Management support?
    Every Giving Day partner on GiveGab is connected with a dedicated Project Manager. They ensure our partners are on track to reach their fundraising goals and have the tools they need to be successful.
  • Do they offer any resources or tools for your participants to prepare for the day?
    When an organization participates in a Giving Day run on GiveGab, they have access to our Resource Toolkit, complete with communication templates, webinars, downloadable graphics, and so much more! 
  • How easy is it for your participating organizations and student groups to connect with someone with questions or concerns? Do they have a live chat feature or only email?
    GG Chat is GiveGab’s automated help center and educational database, providing unparalleled support to anyone fundraising or donating through the platform.
  • Do they disclose their Net Promoter Score (NPS)?
    NPS is a customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement taken from asking customers how likely they are to recommend your product or service to others. GiveGab’s current NPS is 81. Learn more!

5.Do they offer built-in engagement tools?

  • Example of GG LiveDo they have cool features to generate engagement from site visitors?
    On GiveGab, we offer built-in functionality that allows our partners and their participating organizations to provide matches and challenges. Our partners can also create friendly competition amongst its participants through prizes and leaderboards. 
  • Does the platform support peer-to-peer fundraising?
    At GiveGab, we highly encourage Giving Day participants to leverage our best-in-class peer-to-peer functionality to ensure they are reaching a wider network of supporters.
  • Is there a way to represent our sponsors on the Giving Day site?
    We understand the importance of highlighting your sponsors. We have a dedicated section of our Giving Day that allows you to display sponsor logos that link to their websites.
  • Can the platform support live streaming?
    GG Live is GiveGab’s real-time virtual event dashboard, designed to take your Giving Day to the next level with live data, virtual interaction, and easy ways to give.

6. What happens after the Giving Day is over?

  • Does the platform offer any analytics and reporting tools?
    Our Giving Day partners have access to robust analytics and reporting tools within their Partner Dashboard, making it easy to track the impact of their day.
  • How quickly do my Giving Day participants get their donations?
    On GiveGab, Giving Day participants receive their donations via direct deposit in 5 business days.
  • Does the Giving Day platform provide additional services beyond the one-day event?
    On GiveGab, your dedicated Project Manager will be available for any reporting or reconciliation questions. You will also be invited to a debrief meeting to discuss the results of the Giving Day. Additionally, your Relationship Manager will be in touch with you throughout the year as you plan for your next event!
  • Can participating organizations continue to fundraise using the platform?
    Access to online fundraising has become essential in recent years. GiveGab offers a wide range of year-round fundraising tools for your organizations, including Philanthropy Hub, Community Giving, Crowdfunding, Donation Sites, and more! 
  • Will your Giving Day site still be accessible after the event?
    On GiveGab, your Giving Day site will remain accessible year-round to display pertinent information including results, and contact information.

Find a Giving Day platform that gives you clear answers to these important questions and you’ll walk away with a successful Giving Day that will have a positive and lasting impact on everyone involved!