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6 Actions Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers Take

Each day, more and more people use GiveGab to fundraise and make a difference for the nonprofits they love.

When we built a custom toolkit for peer-to-peer fundraisers or “nonprofit champions” who use our site, we studied the most crucial steps that these individuals take to surpass their goals and make the largest impact compared to their peers.

What we found was that the most outstanding peer-to-peer fundraisers do the following six things:  

1. Tell a Compelling Personal Story

Maybe you’re fundraising in honor of someone who is or was very dear to you. Perhaps you have a deep, fiery passion for saving animals or for fighting social injustices. Whatever the reason, help others understand what moves YOU to take action for your cause through telling a story.

Use our Nonprofit Storytelling Template for guidance!

Within your story, use personal language like, “I’m proud to fundraise for this organization because…” or, “This means so much to me because…”. Getting personal can sometimes be difficult, but as Network for Good stated

“Giving isn’t a business transaction. It’s a human connection.”

2. Make a Donation First

Start your fundraising campaign off right and show your commitment to your cause by being the first to one donate. This will give your campaign the momentum it needs as you share it out to others and will prove to them that you’re ready to do whatever it takes!

3. Reach Out Directly

We know asking people for donations can be scary, so consider reaching out to close family members or friends first. This will build the momentum for your campaign even more and will help to give you the confidence you’ll need when reaching out to wider circles.

When making the ask, opt for individual, personal interactions rather than bulk appeals. And remember – don’t be stuffy. Use nicknames or terms of endearment (i.e., Mom, Uncle Joey, Big sis, Bestie, etc.) and mention something relevant to that person (i.e., “I’m glad we got to catch up the other night”)!

4. Share Socially

Did you know that your online influence is just as important to your cause as volunteering or donating? After you’ve reached out to your inner circle, it’s time to tap into your social networks and cast a wider net.

Perhaps you’re an avid Facebooker or maybe creating a well-composed tweet brings you joy (in 140 characters or less of course). Use the venue that you’re most comfortable with and where you feel you have the most influence.

5. Provide Updates

During your campaign, keep the hype up by checking in with current and potential supporters to show them how you’re doing.  Share milestones (i.e., “My campaign just hit 50% funded!”) and thank those who have already given. This is also a great time to reiterate what this cause means to you and to share some things that you’ve learned along the way.

6. Always Thank Supporters

Each time someone contributes, it’s so important to thank them, regardless of how much they gave. Gratitude is low cost, high impact; When you make your donors feel loved and appreciated, they’ll be much more likely to lend a hand in the future with whatever endeavor you embark upon next!

So, Keep Moving Forward!

As a peer-to-peer fundraiser, you’re in a position to make a huge difference for a charitable organization, and we’d like to take a second to tell you that you are awesome!

All of your efforts are worthwhile, so keep pushing on and remember – you’re not in it alone.