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5 Ways to Engage Board Members on Your Giving Day

For a Giving Day, there’s no such thing as too much help or too much outreach. The more people you have involved with promoting your cause, the better! And some of the people you’ll want to recruit first are your board members.

Here are the top 5 ways you can utilize your board members for your Giving Day:

1. P2P Fundraisers

Even if your board members aren’t required to make a contribution to serve your organization, they should never turn down an opportunity to support your mission and fundraise on your behalf.

Acting as a p2p fundraiser, each board member can rally around your mission and collect donations as an ambassador and ally for your organization. Sharing their personal stories of why they support your cause and your mission will entice donors you would never have been able to reach to support you during the Giving Day.

2. Community Partnerships and Outreach

Your board likely has several members who serve as important and active members of the community. Getting your community involved in a Giving Day will not only help you gain exposure to more potential donors but can also be a great way to utilize cross-promotions with local businesses and build long-lasting relationships with them.

Your board members can help by using their connections to create strategic partnerships that can benefit your organization and local businesses!

Whether it’s having them show their support for you on social media or creating a Giving Day promotion for local supporters, your board members can help you build these relationships and rally your community around your mission.

3. Sponsorships and Matching Gifts

On a Giving Day, extra incentives like matching funds from sponsors can go a long way! Your donors are twice as likely to make a contribution on the big day if there is some kind of donation match.

Donors want to see their dollars go further and have a greater impact, so lining up some sponsors, or reaching out to donors who could help provide some of these funds could make a big difference.

Your board members can provide funds for a matching gift campaign, or help you reach out to local businesses and organizations that could provide a sponsorship to help you increase your impact. With their help, you could see your total number of donations double!

4. Press and Promotion

One of the biggest things we hear from donors after a Day of Giving is that they had no idea it was even happening! Don’t let this happen to your community and utilize your board members to get the word out before the big day.

While your staff members will also be working on marketing and promoting this event, your board members can play a crucial role in educating those who otherwise may not have seen your messaging.

Just by putting up a flyer in a local business, having a conversation with their co-workers, or sharing your content on social media, your mission has the potential to impact more people with the help of your board.

5. Donor Outreach

Letting all of your donors and supporters know about a Day of Giving can be challenging. You’re going to want to send them emails, social media posts, and maybe even a direct mail appeal to get their attention and gain their support.

Letting donors know that their impact is being celebrated is a great way to get them excited about the big day, and your board members can help!

Whether it’s a handwritten note or phone calls to your past donors, a personal touch from your board before the big day will not only make your supporters feel appreciated before the Day of Giving but will make them more likely to support you again during this campaign.

You can also utilize your board members after the Day of Giving to show thanks to all of the donors who supported you!!