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5 Everyday Items for Awesome Giving Day Engagement

Online fundraising requires a lot of online engagement in order to be really successful.  This is especially true for Giving Days, which are for the most part entirely fueled by online activity.

To help you engage with your supporters for such an event, we’ve compiled five everyday items you can use to get you started.

1. Post-It Notes 

At the beginning of your campaign or Giving Day, post a photo of a “blank canvas” and then for every donor that supports your campaign, add a post-it with their name (unless they made their gift anonymously).

Take photos over the course of your campaign as your blank canvas starts to fill with colorful post-its, share photos so your supporters can be acknowledged for their support, and see the greater impact of your campaigns’ reach.

2. Computer Paper 

Craft up a custom “thank you” poster on computer paper (create something on Canva or handwrite/draw something) and take photos of your staff/volunteers/donors/whoever holding the thank you sign.

Post this on social media or in your thank you emails for engaging content. Or, stitch them all together to make a quick thank you video!

3. Brown Paper Bags {% icon icon_set=’fontawesome-5.14.0′ name=’Shopping Bag’ style=’SOLID’ height=’25’ purpose=’decorative’ title=’Shopping Bag icon’ %}

Create paper bag “puppets” that represent the different types of people (or animals) you serve. Record you or a staff member telling a story through the puppet or having an interview with it. This is great for organizations that can’t highlight their beneficiaries for privacy or accessibility reasons. It can also be a good chance for you to be fun and silly with your supporters.

4. White Board {% icon icon_set=’fontawesome-5.14.0′ name=’Chalkboard’ style=’SOLID’ height=’23’ purpose=’decorative’ title=’Chalkboard icon’ %}

Have your staff members, volunteers, and supporters write down why they support your cause on a dry erase board and snap a photo. This is great for tabling events when people pass by. This activity only takes a minute and makes for great content on social media.

Encourage social sharing for those you photograph so their networks can see why they support your cause.

5. Smartphone 

No professional photographer or videographer? No problem! Now all you need is a smartphone to take photos and videos that will take your message to the next level. Use easy editing tools like Canva or PicMonkey to craft engaging content and highlight your team and your mission in action.

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