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5 Free and Simple Ways to Promote Your Giving Day

Before a Day of Giving, there is a lot you can do to spread the word without breaking the bank or dipping into overtime. Every little bit counts, so we put together these 5 quick and free ways to promote your Giving Day!

1. Update Your Email Signature 

If you’re a busy nonprofit leader, you’re likely sending dozens of emails every day (if not every hour!). By including a link to your Day of Giving campaign over a quick tagline like, “Support Us On Giving Day – Nov 29”, you are including a call to action as well as a reminder that you’re participating on that day.

Every single person you communicate with can see this, so whether or not they click on the link, seeing that reminder in your signature will eventually stick with them.

2. Change Your Cover Photo on Social Media 

If your organization has a Facebook or Twitter page, you’ll want to update your profile picture and cover photo to reflect that you’re participating in the Day of Giving! These graphics already exist in your Nonprofit Toolkit, so all you have to do is save and upload.  Below is an example of a Twitter account using a graphic from the #CUNYTUESDAY Nonprofit Toolkit.

Promote Your Giving Day
Screenshot of a Twitter profile with a Giving Day cover photo

Even if your organization doesn’t have a strong social media presence, changing out your own personal Facebook or Twitter photos lets your own network know that the day is coming and that you’re a proud supporter of nonprofits in your community.

3. Create a Facebook Event and Invite Supporters

Creating an event for your Day of Giving is a great way to get your network, and your supporters’ network, excited for the day! When someone accepts an invitation to an event, it may be suggested to one of their friends in the future, expanding the network of potential donors you can reach.

Having a Facebook event is also a great way to update your supporters on your progress, providing them with a notification each time you update. Turn your Day of Giving into a virtual party with an event!

4. Post the Giving Day as an Event on Your Website

Does your organization have a place on its website to inform supporters of upcoming events or opportunities? Make sure to include the Day of Giving your organization is participating in so they know to save the date and get excited to support you.

If you’re having a physical event on the day of, then you’ll definitely want to promote that as well and let your supporters know how they can get involved!

5. Swap Out Links on Your Website with your Day of Giving Profile

Once you’re ready to start directing your supporters to donate for the Day of Giving, swap out the current donate links on your website to your Day of Giving profile.

Make sure that there is a clear call to action that ties into your Day of Giving story so donors can really appreciate the impact they have when they give.