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3 Steps to Turn Donors into All Around Supporters

Donor retention is one of the biggest challenges nonprofit fundraisers face. With 60% of donors only giving once,  it’s a struggle to find ways to turn your one-time donors into repeat donors.

Instead of focusing on getting that second or third donation, consider spending more time trying to turn that donor into an all around supporter of your organization.

Try thinking about it like this: If someone orders pizza for dinner this week, they probably won’t order from the same pizza place next week (unless you’re me… bring on the za!)  

But, what if that pizza place always thanks you for your business, entices you to come back with killer coupons, and treats you like a VIP whenever you pick up your pie? – You’re going to be a lot more likely to order pizza from them again and probably tell your friends to do the same!

You Can Turn Your Donors into More Engaged Supporters in 3 Easy Steps . . .

First, Thank Them!

This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many donors feel under-appreciated. They care about your organization, so it makes them feel great to know that you care about them, too.  

A simple personalized thank you acknowledgement is the first step in turning your donors into engaged members of your organization.

Whether you’re sending them a handwritten note or giving them a quick phone call – letting your donors know that you appreciate the impact they have made is crucial for the cultivation of more engaged supporters.

Then, Invite Them!

It’s easy to assume that your donors might not be interested in contributing to your organization beyond just a monetary gift. But how will you know unless you invite them to do more?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your donors and ask them about getting more involved! This is a powerful opportunity to show donors your organization’s mission at work.

By giving your donors the opportunity to see their impact in action, they’re more likely to retain a relationship with you and continue to support your programs. Whether it’s a tour of the new space they helped fund or a chance to give back at your next volunteer event – no donor is too small to become more involved!

And Finally, Embrace Them!

You should be welcoming your donors to your organization with open arms! The more comfortable they feel with you, the more likely they are to get involved.

Making them feel like valued members of your community is so important to continuing your relationship with them and increasing their engagement throughout your organization.

It’s as simple as remembering their name at your next event or giving them first access to an upcoming opportunity. Take the time to make your donors feel like the important members of your organization that they are!