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3 Easy Ways to Plant the Seed for your #GivingTuesday Campaign

We hope you have decided to join the movement on December 1st because we’re less than 2 months away from #GivingTuesday!  If you’re just joining the movement, it’s time to start planting the seed with your constituents.

1. Spread the Word Internally

Early communication with your board and staff is a great way to make them feel like they’re a part of the process.

Let them know that your organization will be participating in a Giving Tuesday campaign and don’t forget to…

  • Give them the backstory. Tell them a little about #GivingTuesday and why it’s important for your organization.
  • Get them excited. In 2014, 31% of all annual giving was made during the month of December.* Now that’s something to get excited about!
  • Ask for their support. Let them know you need their help and that they can get involved. Whether it’s sharing ideas for a campaign story, target goal, social media tactics or even becoming a fundraising champion for the campaign.
  • Thank them. Thank them ahead of time for their continued support and all the work they’ve done to help further the mission of your organization.

2. Create a Save the Date banner for the Web


Adding a Save the Date banner is a great way to visually start planting the seed for your supporters who follow you on social media or receive your monthly e-newsletter. You can even add a Save the Date banner to your website. Just remember to keep your messaging consistent so that your supporters can make the connection to #GivingTuesday.

We understand that not everyone has access to a designer. Need a way to create something like this? For this demo I used an online graphic design website where you can easily add text to images called Canva.  Note that some design layouts are free and some are paid, however the one used in the example has been created with all free graphics.

So get creative! Tailor your banner to your organization by using your logo, photos from a recent volunteer event and colors that follow your organization’s brand.

Strapped for time? GiveGab also offers a bunch of free social media graphics in the Social Media section of their #GivingTuesday Nonprofit Toolkit.

3. Include a Save the Date in your email signature

A simple way to start plugging #GivingTuesday to your constituents is to add a simple Save the Date to your email signature.

Here’s an example of an email signature:

Joan Example

Executive Director at Nonprofit Children’s Garden • 555-555-5555 x555
Save the Date • #GivingTuesday • December 1, 2015

Starting with these 3 simple ideas can help you gain momentum and excitement for your #GivingTuesday campaign. Any questions or comments? Feel free to share how you’ve planted the seed with your supporters for #GivingTuesday.