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12 Proven Techniques to Help Attract New Donors

Once you have a good donor retention strategy in place, the best next step is to begin attracting more new supporters that you can then develop long-term relationships with.

The following are twelve proven techniques that some of the most successful nonprofit organizations swear by:

1. Go Mobile 

If your website isn’t mobile friendly or lacks a responsive design, then you should also be using an alternative website to collect online donations so people can find and give to you from their mobile devices.

Keep in mind that if your organization can’t be found or donated to from someone’s smartphone, then you most definitely will be missing out on opportunities!

2. Have Branded Campaigns  

Your brand is your mission’s signature.  It’s the visual way your supporters will relate to and remember your cause, so it’s important.

It’s not uncommon to have other organizations out there with the same or very similar name as yours, so you need both the name and your logo (i.e., your brand) to stand out!

Below is a screenshot from a past fundraising campaign on GiveGab called ReTree the District that includes the organization’s campaign logo and a general theme that matches.

Attract New Donors

3. Draw Attention Where it Counts

Having an attractive website and online fundraising campaigns is important, but if the attention isn’t being drawn to the “DONATE” or “GET INVOLVED” calls to action, then it’s unlikely that a lot of visitors will take the time to search for them.

The goal?  Make these actions impossible to miss!  They don’t have to be intrusive by any means, just clear and obvious…

Attract New Donors

4. Use Captivating Photos

Without awesome visuals, many of our favorite reading materials would probably be overlooked.  Don’t underestimate the power of an image to help tell your campaign’s story!

Attract New Donors

5. Be Transparent

People want to know how your organization spends donation money and how their gifts, in particular, are going to make an impact.  Share information about what the funds for a specific campaign will help pay for and what past donations helped your organization accomplish.

6. Use Donation Tiers

Having donation tiers that potential supporters can select from gives them an idea of how much various efforts actually cost and puts the power in their hands to choose where their money is going.

Attract New Donors

7. Simplify the Donation Process

Your donation form should request a minimal amount of information from the donor.  Their credit card information and email address are really all you need.

Below is a screenshot of a simple donation form on GiveGab:

Attract New Donors

With online donation forms, keep in mind that less is more.  When you ask for too much information, you’re increasing the likelihood of scaring your potential donors away.

8. Provide a Recurring Donation Option

When you use the GiveGab platform for fundraising, your donors will always be provided with the option make their donation a monthly gift, as shown below:

Attract New Donors


9. Use a Secure Fundraising Method

Whatever platform you’re using to collect online donations should be secure and your donors should know that it’s secure so they feel safe donating to you through it.  Messaging around secure payment processing should be readily available during the donation process, similar to what appears on GiveGab:

Attract New Donors

10. Ask Donors to opt-in for Emails

Once someone donates to your campaign, they should receive an email that contains their receipt and a personalized thank you message.

Within this email, you could also request that they opt-in to receiving your email updates and provide them with the necessary link to do so.

11. Share Progress on Social Media

Take a screenshot of the progress of your campaign and share it on social media to show how much more support you need and to show recognition for the support you’ve already received.

Below is a screenshot of the status of ReTree the District when there was still 1 day left to donate:

Attract New Donors

12. Always Show Appreciation

You can show appreciation by thanking your donors in the following ways:

  1. Confirmation page that says “thank you” after a donation is made
  2. Email receipt with a personalized “thank you” message and additional information
  3. Send a thank you gift or invite donors to an appreciation event
  4. Use donor-centered and inclusive language

By following these twelve techniques, you’ll be on your way to acquiring new donors.

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