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Angela Sullivan

Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County provides prevention and rehabilitation services to those struggling with addictive behaviors.

Angela Sullivan, Executive Director of Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County, shared her success story using GiveGab. Having done her own online fundraising in the past, Angela described the benefits she experienced after switching to the GiveGab platform!

Choosing GiveGab

Angela first looked into using GiveGab after experiencing frustrations with trying to do online fundraising through her organization's website...

"In the past, we were only passively raising funds online. People would go to our website and click a 'DONATE' button. We didn't really have a way to engage people beyond that one-way communication."

"We didn't have the resources or technical expertise to do more on our own."

"It was difficult to engage staff and board members in meaningful fundraising activities, especially ones that got results (made money)."

Angela told us, "When GiveGab presented the idea of the first local Giving Day for our County, 'Giving is Gorges', we were really excited to be part of something new. It was certainly less risky because many organizations were trying it at the same time. The cost was minimal and the ROI made sense”.

"GiveGab was VERY responsive to questions and provided great technical support."

Awesome Results

We wanted to know if GiveGab helped Angela to overcome challenges she faced previously and how her experience compared with doing her own online fundraising in the past:

"We were not all that tech savvy, and utilized the chat feature, toolkit, and tech support a lot to get our campaign up and going", she said. "The team was very responsive and cheerfully helped us get our campaign ready for the day of giving."

Angela also told us that the favorite feature of her entire staff and board is the ease of communication within the campaign: "Sending asks and thank you notes on GiveGab is really easy. It was easy to get everyone involved!"

Angela also found that: "the templates provided a professional look to our campaign, which would've been difficult to create on our own."

We asked Angela to share her most positive experience using GiveGab so far: "We struggled to get board members signed up to be fundraising champions, but with the support of the team at GiveGab, we were able to be very successful."

Angela shared with us how GiveGab helped Alcohol & Drug Council go above and beyond their campaign goals: "You can't go anywhere these days without hearing a story about addiction..."

"The Giving is Gorges campaign provided a platform for us to raise funds to support our programs and talk about our mission."

"This campaign also provided an immediate and meaningful affirmation that people support the work we do and care about the people we serve." We were thrilled when Angela told us, "We raised $3,850 and it only cost us $121 to do it!"

"We raised $3,860 and it only cost us $121 to do it!"

Giving is Gorges Campaign

Lastly, Angela told us that the primary reason why she would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits was because:

"GiveGab is a fun, user-friendly platform to raise funds to support your mission."

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Alcohol & Drug Council of Tompkins County





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