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Scott Whyatt, Executive Director at TracysDogs, shared his experience using GiveGab for his team's participation in #BigGive2017!

TracysDogs Topped The Big Give Leaderboards for Having the Most Donors in 24 hours! 

Before GiveGab

TracysDogs was introduced to GiveGab through their participation in #BigGive2017, a Giving Day established by The Nonprofit Council of Texas.  Being one of many nonprofits that experienced an unfortunate technology crash for their Giving Day in 2016, TracysDogs was determined to come back even stronger this year. 

User Experience

Scott told us what most impressed him about using the GiveGab platform: 

"Most significantly, GiveGab is easy to use for the nonprofit and our donors, and is entirely reliable."

Favorite Features

Scott's favorite GiveGab feature was the ability for his team and supporters to watch the gift totals go up throughout the Giving Day on the Big Give Leaderboards.  

"We literally watched the gifts bound up in the last two hours, and I know our donors did, too. We had a lot of people watching and rooting for us. That was fun."

Screenshot of the Big Give Leaderboards:BigGiveLeaderboards.png

Awesome Results

TracysDogs saw a 164% increase in donors from what they had in 2016!  

"We raised enough money to begin development of our Wellness Complex @ TracysDogs. This fundraising effort was a critical first step, which created a great deal of momentum - critical to successful fundraising."


TracysDogs topped the Big Give Leaderboards for having the most donors, with 1,571 supporters donating over $120k! 

When asked to provide final thoughts about his Giving Day experience on GiveGab, Scott said:  

"GiveGab is simple to understand, easy to use, reliable, and our donors had confidence that the gift they made - regardless of how big or small - was received by the nonprofit of their choice and they left feeling confident that their participation will positively impact our efforts to save dogs from pending euthanasia."

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